Changes to Swimming Times From May 30th 2018

*Important* from Chris Weller regarding changes to Swimming times

Notice to all Parents / swimmers
Please be aware of the following information regarding changes to the training sessions affecting some swimmers in the development and competitive groups:
As from, and including Wednesday 30th May 2018, training will commence for an allocated group of swimmers, 6:30pm – 8:00pm at the Glynneath Leisure Centre.
Selection is based on competitive requirements in addition to attendance criteria, and current 200m times. These swimmers will no longer train on Thursday evenings. The introduction of this session will give us the capacity to ensure vital, quality sessions are undertaken with a suitable number of swimmers in each lane.
The changes above also allow for an increase in capacity and development for those who will remain swimming on Thursdays. The sessions will still be overseen by the head coach with some swimmers being elevated to the 8:00pm – 9:00pm slot from 31st May 2018, again allowing greater focus on quality sessions with a suitable number of swimmers in each lane.
These changes will allow for more progression between lanes due to the creation of more capacity (lane space), so the improvements and movements will be more efficient.
All swimmers affected will be contacted during this week’s sessions to confirm changes and availability.
Whilst it is appreciated that there may be some instances of unavailability or logistical issues, these changes are vitally important to ensure the club structure remains healthy and able to deliver the optimum level of development, and are as a result of the rapid growth the club has undergone in a short space of time. There will be criteria to be met for each lane to ensure there is a smooth flowing pathway at all times, but the Head Coach will discuss any issues or concerns with parents if and when they arise.

Club Kit and Equipment

Afternoon, Ive uploaded the order forms for both equipment and clothing available from the club.Links below:

Club equipment order form    Club kit order form

We do have some in stock but if not immediately available we of course will be able to order in. Please note that any clothing ideally will need to be tried on for size before ordering (we have samples available to try on) as once sent off and embroided with swimmers name a refund is not available.

Forms will shortly be uploaded to the club website which is in the process of developing and growing to meet the needs of the club. Please feel free to have a look and mention anything that you would like to see on the site and we will pass this on to our website designer to have a look at.


Upcoming Events 2018

The deadline for payment of 2018/19 WASA fees was today. Less than 1/2 of our swimmers have paid so far, so as a matter of urgency please ensure you pay your fees this week. Either pay directly into our bank account or pay Michelle, Keri or Sarah in Glynneath on Tuesday or Thursday. I will be at Aberdare pool on Friday.

Thank you to those swimmers who have paid.

Competitions and going forwards

Hi All,

Just a couple of updates following the RCT Grand Prix recently attended. All swimmers done well with a mix of above average first timers and healthy improvements for those who, whilst still relatively new are a little more experienced in the competitive element. There were very few DQs which was very pleasing and a positive indicator regarding development.  This is testament to the hard work the swimmers are putting in, the commitment of you the parents, and the dedication of the club coaches and committee to ensure there is a healthy, progressive environment for the swimmers.

With an eye on moving forward, I attach the competition plan taking us to the completion of the current cycle, until end of January 2018. The amount of lane movement, apart from the novice lanes has somewhat settled for a period, so I would like to establish the club groups or “squads,” to be circulated to you all tomorrow. What is now vital is that we all have a clear understanding of our aims which, whilst allowing for a certain amount of flexibility, need to be followed to give the swimmers every chance of success, whatever that may be or however that may be envisaged. In brief, the guide is as follows:

  • Skills 1

Wave 6 (or equivalent) achieved, undertake Wave 7 and Competitive starts.

Training base:  skills / drills, introduction to repetitions, kick sets etc

  • Skills 2

Wave 7 (or equivalent) achieved, undertake Wave 8 and Competitive starts.

Training base:  skills / drills, increase in repetitions, kick sets etc.   Criteria:  2 x 50m times.

  • Development 1

Training base:  skills / drills, repetitions, kick sets etc to form big part of main set. Criteria:  2 x 100m times plus 100 IM.

  • Development 2

Training base:  drills, repetitions, intervals, kick sets etc to form big part of main set. Criteria:  2 x 200m times plus 200 IM.

  • Competitive 1

Training base:  periodic training plan, focus on volume / stamina / speed / pacing, Criteria:  3 x 200m times plus 200 IM.

  • Competitive 2

Training base:  periodic training plan, focus on volume / stamina / speed / pacing, Criteria:  3 x 200m times plus 200 IM.

  • Club Swim

Training base:  training plan focus on increase in technique & stamina.

We aim to fully implement in the new year. Whilst this will dictate part of the lane set up, movement between lanes and session times will still be at the discretion of the coaching team,  and not to be seen as squad movement (up or down) unless stated. We need to be able to utilise space effectively dependant on type of session, number of swimmers, technique reinforcement, rehabilitation and assessment etc.  As coaches we will aim to ensure core sessions are completed to increase the likelihood of outcomes being met, therefore the swimmers will be ready for each competition or challenge on the pathway. The squad allocation will follow, but please understand that there will inevitably be certain tweaks to be undertaken and amendments to be made.

The next targeted meets are:

  1. RCT Open Meet, Cardiff International Pool – 6th & 7th January 2018. This is a level 3 Meet and suitable for all our swimmers with the exception of skills 1 or relatively new swimmers (skills 2 – please consult with coaches). Can you make every effort to enter your swimmers as this is an excellent opportunity to obtain official long course times whilst being a lower level event. The kids will have a great time as part of the Nexus team, and it is hoped there will be a significant attendance in numbers from our club. For new or novice swimmers, please endeavour to enter at ;east 50m freestyle plus one other. Speak to me, Michelle, or any of the coaches for more information. For all other swimmers please discuss with us but  remember the need for times above 50m, 200m swims being the main yardstick. I cannot stress enough the importance of the swimmers signing up for this meet.
  2. RCT Grand Prix Round 2, Rhondda Sports Centre – 14th January 2018. As stated, round 2 of the event for those who attended round 1 and new or novice swimmers including Skills 1. Again please discuss this with coaches.
  3. Swim Wales Aquatic Pentathlon, Wales National Pool Swansea – 13th January 2018.  This is to be confirmed but will be for swimmers not attending the RCT Grand Prix round 2 the following day.

Finally, thank you all for your ongoing support and dedication for the last 12 months. The club is now in a relatively healthy position and growing by the week.

Chris Weller