About Us

About us and where to find our pools –

Nexus Valleys is an established development club based at Aberdare –


and Glynneath Swimming Pools –


Our aims are:

  • to encourage individuals to take part in the sport of swimming.
  • to provide a safe and structured, happy environment in which they can enjoy developing skills, essential for their sport and life in general.
  • to improve performance of each individual to all levels

Our mission:

Our mission is to offer children/young people in the Aberdare and Glynneath and surrounding areas, the best opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential in swimming, by ensuring a safe and secure environment to allow children/young people to work, and be part of a team, and to achieve their goals.  Nexus is an unprejudiced club, our doors are open to any nationality and ability.

Our values:

  • Excellence – Our swimmers will reach their maximum potential as athletes.
  • Strong work ethic – goal relationships, balanced and realistic.
  • Sound program.  Sport for all.  Policy allowing diversity.

Nexus is committed to treat everyone equally within the context of their activity regardless of gender, ethnic origin, ability or political/religious persuasion.


Training Schedule

  • Monday 6-8pm All squads Aberdare
  • Tuesday 6-7pm squad 1+2 Glynneath
  • Tuesday 7-9pm squad 3 and above Glynneath
  • Wednesday Squad NO SWIMMING
  • Thursday 7-8 pm squads 1+2 Glynneath
  • Thursday 8-9pm 3 and above   Glynneath
  • Friday 7-9pm All squads Aberdare
  • Saturday NO SWIMMING
  • Sunday NO SWIMMING


Use the following training tips to help you  achieve your goals:

  1. Arrive in plenty of time to begin your session.
  2. Attend all scheduled training sessions if possible as each are equally important.
  3. Bring all of your training equipment with you.
  4. Drink plenty of water, and bring a drink to poolside with you.
  5. Keep a positive attitude and be ready to train at the level your coach requires.
  6. Pay attention to your coach.  They are there to advise you and to help you to become a better swimmer.
  7. Do everything that your coach asks to the best of your ability.
  8. Train at the intensity your coach asks you to.
  9. Learn to pace yourself in all sets.
  10. Always think about your technique. Streamlining, butterfly kicks and maintaining good stroke technique throughout training.  It is what will make you swim faster.
  11. A short swim-down after a hard session will help avoid muscle stiffness and aid recovery.
  12. Think about each session and leave having accomplished something positive and enjoyed it.